Literature and Beyond- YES DAY!

I have such a big place in my heart for anything and everything that has been written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal –especially thanks to the incredible Steph McHugh @librarianbookends. She has a way of creating such deep, thoughtful texts that are absolutely appropriate for our youngest readers. My 1st and 2nd graders adore Duck! Rabbit!, Chopsticks, and Little Pea, but most of all they BEG to read Yes Day!

A quick summary of Yes Day!- A boy wakes up, thrilled about what day it is (if your students have never read this book, it’s a great time to pause and ask them what they think the day will be- a birthday? holiday?). Of course, it’s Yes Day! That means the boy gets to do whatever he wants! Pizza for breakfast? Yes! Crazy hairstyle for family photos? Yes! Food fight? Yes! You get the idea.

Imagine how magical the idea of a yes day is for our students! It sparks great discussions (discussion questions are included in the resource too!) and students have so much fun thinking of what their own Yes Day would include.

Click Here to check out the Literature and Beyond text companion for Yes Day!

Included in the pack:
– Discussion Questions
– Writing Organizer
– Writing Activity
– 4 Telling Time Activities

I hope you and your students enjoy this great read as much as we did!