Phonics Detectives

During my second year teaching 2nd grade, I had the most wonderful classroom paraprofessional. She was creative, and so passionate about teaching young children. One of the things she showed me was how she made ordinary lessons extraordinary by simply putting on a hat, trench coat, and a pair of sunglasses and…

Transforming into a LEAD DETECTIVE sent from headquarters to help students decode the tricky English language.

When she first pitched me the idea of trying it in my classroom, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical that it would work. I mean, they were second graders. Would they really get into this idea? Well, they LOVED IT. They BEGGED for the lessons each day. It quickly became their favorite part of the day, and what they all went home talking about. We went on missions in the hallways (and were always incredibly quiet because we are detectives of course!)

In this complete unit, every phonics sound included in the pack comes with a letter from Agent Headquarters instructing them on their mission!

Getting students excited was SO simple! While not at all necessary, in addition to this pack I purchased a few items to add to the fun:

Manila Folders to make our letters from Agent Headquarters look LEGIT
Magnifying Glasses
Top Secret Stamp
Mustache Stamp
Invisible Ink Pens

Each morning that we started a new phonics sound, I would slip the new letter into a manila envelope and hang it on the board before the students came in for the day, and we would open it together to introduce phonics time. (BONUS: students were SO QUIET while they worked since they were secret detectives!)

This is the first edition of Phonics Detectives to get your students excited and enthusiastic about learning new phonics patterns. This product includes letters from detective headquarters, 3 training activities for each phonics pattern, mini anchor charts, a review of all the phonics patterns included, and a final assessment mission. In addition there is a certificate for those who pass their final mission and a bonus detective badge craft!

As I finish other phonics sounds I will update this post with links to those products as well!